Our friends and family have been fantastically supportive, but they’ve kindly asked us to “find some new people to talk to about that cool collar” we’ve made. Hence, the AdderBlog so we can share AdderThoughts about all things AdderLock. Welcome.


I’ve had Simon Sinek in my ears lately. Specifically, I’ve been listening to his books Start With Why and The Infinite Game as well as to his interview with Brené Brown on developing an infinite mindset. Good stuff, and highly recommended for perspective in business, life, and their many points of intersection. Staying close to the WHY & staying open to the HOW reside at the top of the list of ever-evolving priorities.

I find that I frequently revisit the question of WHY to refocus when tumbling down a rabbit hole of new analysis or information, and thought sharing some of the questions and insights leading to our AdderLock WHY would be a good place to start the conversation that’s currently taking shape as this blog.

While I’m still early on this journey of entrepreneurship and founder life, the HOW can already be linked back to a disciplined balance between finite and infinite thinking. And what better way to gain insight on WHY & HOW than to ask even more questions?

Tyrell, co-creator of AdderLock, inquires:

In a world where everything is becoming more modern, why have certain aspects of the fitness industry remained so archaic and vastly unimproved? How do such inefficiencies affect weightlifters? Does equipment that’s stuck in the past and isn’t user-friendly deter people from lifting? Does a lack of innovation (and the resulting scarcity of buzz) leave could-be lifters unexcited and uninspired? Can a piece of equipment that simplifies be enough to remove the intimidation barrier? How much of a detriment to experienced weightlifters are archaic gym practices and equipment?

These are some of the questions that led us to create the AdderLock. More to come on exciting developments in our actual product development, but wanted to start with giving you a glimpse inside our heads. After all, keeping my mind right is absolutely connected to true fitness.



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